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Trouble Shooting

In our efforts to support you, we have devised this list of most common errors.

Our System is of high quality, based on the latest technological advancements and is developed with the highest security in mind. Ensuring you our clients Safety and Anonymity.

Be sure that you have typed the correct letters and not numbers. For example, the Letter “O” instead of the Number “0” or vise versa.

The letter “I” instead of the number “1” or vise versa.

Make sure you have used capital letters when necessary.

It is highly recommended when you are given your Permanent Password, to copy it in a Notepad file and save it on your hard disk for future reference. Once you have saved your Permanent Password, then copy it again and go to your chosen site. Here you will see the “Noo Internet Card” banner that informs you of the Units required and the days allowed. If it is your first time at this site, to be able to get in, you must click on to the banner where you will be taken to another page. Here at this page you will enter you Serial Number and Paste your Permanent Password in the appropriate boxes available.

From here on when you come back to the same site you do not need to click on the “Noo Internet Card” banner, instead just Paste your Permanent Password in the available box to enter.

If you still come across problems, then do not hesitate to chat with us in the Chat Room available for you to contact our Technical Staff. In the event that the time difference between where you are does not coincide with our time schedules and you get no reply, then please Email us at or with your trouble shooting. You will get an immediate response.

Rest assured we are here to support you and we are open for any comments to upgrade our services. Just for your information, the Affiliated sites that are in our link area are independently runned businesses. has nothing to do with the content nor can it be held responsible. just supplies the technology for paying for services and goods you have chosen.

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